Please take the flu shot

We made arrangements for our home health nurse to give Lynn the flu shottoday.  I expect he will feel pretty rough tomorrow and maybe Sunday too because anytime he gets a vaccine or a change in medications or has to adjust to just about anything different, it knocks the wind out of him. 

It used to be that I took the flu vaccine for my job and because I hate getting sick.  Now I take it for Lynn.  Whenever I go out, I’m paranoid if someone sneezes around me or I over hear someone saying they are sick.  When you’re a well person, getting sick is an inconvenience.  Sure, we all hate the aches and pains and don’t even mention throwing up!  But when you’re disabled a simple cold can have devastating effects.  Although we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, we ask that no one come by who has the sniffles or any signs of illness because he just can’t fight anything off.

So, I hope everyone who can will take a flu shot this year; if not for yourself then for those you walk by who could end up in the hospital if they caught your illness.  And healthcare workers….please, please, please take the shot and don’t come to work if you’re sick.  I know how important staffing is but having been on the other side of the bed as the family member worried about their loved one, I had rather do with a little less attention than to have you come into his room and sneeze from a cold or other illness.
Thanks to everyone who takes prevention seriously.  Those who love someone with a serious health condition appreciate you.

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