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Becoming a Family Caregiver

Many new caregivers say  that becoming a medical family caregiver for the first time is:

“Overwhelming –  Much of the time.

Rewarding –  Some of the time.

Exhausting –  All the time.”

"Becoming a Family Caregiver" (BFC) focuses on helping caregivers find the answers they need to providing care at home

BFC offers

*Support and resources 

*Practical information with helpful directions

*Training resources

*Tips for handling difficult situations

*Ways to make challenging situations less difficult

Mike getting into position to baptize Lynn

Baptizing Someone Immobile

Baptizing Someone Immobile At Home What’s the Process to Baptism Someone Immobile at Home? Last year, my husband asked me to help him arrange a baptism ceremony at our home.  Though baptized as a child, he wanted to supplement his childhood understanding with a reaffirmation of adult faith. Lynn has Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS).  As his condition progressed rapidly in 2006 from the ability to walk to relying on a wheelchair, the reliance on

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BFC Membership Benefits

Becoming a Family Caregiver
Bridging the Gap
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Becoming a Family Caregiver Membership Provides
1. Help with Getting Started as a Caregiver 2. Reinforcement for Complex Home Care 3. Links to Helpful Resources 4. Ideas on Handling Difficult Situations 5. Answers to Questions about Providing Care at Home
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Caregiver Fundamentals
Being a caregiver involves more than just knowing how to take a blood pressure or understanding a disease process. Learning all you need to know takes time and energy most caregivers don’t have. Caregiver Fundamentals covers a variety of topics from insurance to mobility, infection control to living wills. Save precious time and frustration exploring Fundamentals.
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How to Do Things
Caregivers often receive home discharge instructions one or two days before their family member leaves the hospital. If trained to do a procedure, they may practice it one or two times with a nurse watching before leaving the hospital. Once home, a Home Health Nurse assists daily with treatment but what happens after they leave? If you need help finding answers on how to manage problems encountered in providing care at home, Becoming a Family Caregiver can help. Check out topics under How to Do Things.
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How to Handle Difficult Situations
Emotionally charged situations drain every ounce of energy a caregiver has somedays. Information on potential triggers and coping with reactions plus tips on how to prevent meltdowns make these pages some you won't want to miss.
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Caregiver Resources
Another way BFC saves caregivers time and reduces their frustration is to provide needed resources and support. Caregiver Resources provide contact information for organizations dedicated to specific medical conditions or special needs groups. In addition, weblinks to frequently visited government agencies and organizations are provided. Each group listed has their website link active to allow direct access to their content.
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Requests for Help
If you need help knowing what to do or how to do something, send me a request telling me what you need. I’m not a medical expert and I don’t give medical advice. However, with my health care background I can often help you find a solution to your home care dilemmas provided they don’t need a doctor’s intervention. I can also help you become familiar with medical jargon used so that you understand the information received from your healthcare provider including the lab work or tests results you saw in your patient portal.
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