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"Becoming A Family Caregiver" Bridges the Gap Between Healthcare and Homecare By Being Your One-Stop Resource for Answers to Questions Caregivers Frequently Need

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Time is precious to a Caregiver. With limited healthcare knowledge, looking up information becomes frustrating after hitting dead ends and wasting precious time. Caregivers need access to a resource like “Becoming a Family Caregiver” that understands their needs and can help them maneuver through the healthcare world find answers quickly. 

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In appreciation for your interest and support of “Becoming a Family Caregiver,” you may request a free copy of the form, “Medical Pre-Registration.” This form I developed to save time and ensure the accuracy of my husband’s medical information for all medical needs.  I keep an up-to-date copy with me for possible emergencies. Healthcare providers love it, and so do I.  If you want a copy, complete the form on giving me your email address, and it’s yours.

Becoming a Family Caregiver - Bridging the Gap Between Healthcare and Homecare

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Submit a request for information or assistance on the Contact Page if you need help with something specific.  If you don’t have a specific question, “Becoming a Family Caregiver” provides information caregivers want to know in the way they want to receive it – in one place, easy to understand, to the point, and geared to home use. You’ll find information on how to troubleshoot caregiver problems at home when medical offices are closed or when the directions you received from the doctor’s office are confusing.


Caregivers often perform treatment procedures at home and manage complex medical conditions. Researching information takes time that caregivers can’t spare. “Adapting to Caregiving” pages help those starting out obtain a foundation of essential home health information. Save precious time and avoid frustration using this resource as you become a family caregiver to acquire the knowledge you don’t have initially!


Many patients leave the hospital with medical equipment or go home before wounds heal completely. Family members become responsible for helping them get better after discharge. How do they learn to troubleshoot problems when home alone? What if they lose their instructions? “How to Do Things” provides information on many common caregiving topics and medical conditions that can help in those situations.


Emotionally charged situations drain every ounce of energy a caregiver has somedays. Information on potential triggers, coping with reactions, and tips on preventing meltdowns make these pages some you won’t want to miss.


Save time in another way! “Caregiver Resources” supplies contact information for valuable resources and support organizations dedicated to specific medical conditions or special interest groups. Also, frequently visited government agencies and organizations’ web links appear in alphabetized lists with direct access to their content. When AARP surveyed caregivers, they responded that knowing where to find resources was one of their greatest needs. Becoming a Family Caregiver is continually adding resource links to help caregivers as they are discovered.

Sample Articles

Four stages of pressure ulcers

How To Do A Wound Irrigation

     Perform wound irrigation when you need to clear out debris and drainage from a wound.  When you irrigate a wound, you direct a steady flow of irrigation solution (usually normal saline unless the doctor ordered something else) across the open wound.  You can request a wound irrigation kit that comes with everything you need to gather individual pieces.

loneliness may lead to depression and thoughts of suicide.

Medical Decision Maker Designation Included in Will in Virginia

   In some states, the person’s Will includes reference to the Medical Decision Maker’s identity.  In other states, the POA incorporates the medical decision documents, while others are separate documents. In Virginia, they can be part of the POA so that the POA becomes a Medical Power of Attorney and a Power of Attorney.

What did I say?

Did I Mean What I Said Or Say What I Meant?

  When two people have a conversation, both come with preconceived ideas regarding how it will go. When getting started as a caregiver and attempting to have “that” conversation about job duties, we continue to have difficulty saying what we mean. Instead of saying what we want to say, we talk about the topic and hint at what we want. Furthermore, each of us comes to the conversation with a different set of expectations based on prior history, culture, and understanding of word definitions. 

Palpating Patient's chest

Breathing Therapy: Percussion

Percussion is often employed when an individual has many thick, hard-to-expel secretions, such as when you hear rales (coarse crackles). To perform percussion, form your hand into a cup shape, then strike the person’s back with the open-cupped hand using a rapid, rhythmic movement.

Social Security provides both retirement benefits and disability income.

What is the Medicaid Look-Back Period?

     It’s essential to be aware that Virginia has a 5-year Medicaid Look-Back Period. The Look-Back Period of 5 years allows Medicaid to check to ensure that no assets were sold for less than their value or given away to meet Medicaid’s asset limit. If someone violates the look-back period, a period of long-term care Medicaid ineligibility will ensue.