Caregivers Need  a Place to Find Answers Quickly

Caregivers need a place to find answers

“Can I get paid to be a caregiver for my Mom?”

“My Dad wanders outside at night. What type of alarm do I need to alert me to him leaving the house?”

“Is this wound getting infected?

It Seems That Finding Answers to New Questions is Needed Every Day 

So many questions with no answers
Daughter assisting her sick mother

"Becoming A Family Caregiver" Fills the Gap Between Healthcare and Homecare
By Helping You Find Answers

Having worked in healthcare for 30+ years while balancing the demands of caregiving, I understand both healthcare and homecare.  I know the type of information caregivers need, the common frustrations and dilemmas they face in delivering care, and the tangled mess of healthcare regulations they encounter. Seeking to address those needs, I pulled the following information together for caregivers like me who have limited time but need access to reliable resources to find answers. I’ve tried to make this a one-stop “resource center” for caregivers. I hope it helps many.  Please leave your feedback below.  I would love to hear from you with suggestions.”

Donna Steigleder

Becoming A Family Caregiver”

Adapting to Caregiving
Caregivers often perform treatment procedures at home and manage complex medical conditions. Researching information takes time that caregivers can’t spare. “Adapting to Caregiving” pages help those starting out obtain a foundation of essential home health information. Save precious time and avoid frustration using this resource!
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In appreciation for your interest and support of Becoming a Family Caregiver, you may request a free copy of the form, “Medical Pre-Registration.” This form I developed to save time and ensure the accuracy of my husband’s medical information for all medical needs.  I keep an up-to-date copy with me for possible emergencies. Healthcare providers love it, and so do I.  If you want a copy, complete the form on giving me your email address, and it’s yours.