Update on Ongoing 4WD Wheelchair

If you follow my blog, you read a post on March 1 describing the challenges we were having related to a 4 wheel drive wheelchair we bought three years ago from Radical Mobility that has never worked.  We sent them the motor to the wheels, the controller and cabling, almost two years ago now and have still not received them back.  We had attempted over and over again to communicate with the company but unsuccessfully…until I wrote a blog about it.
I immediately got a response from the company (Radical Mobility) apologizing for the issues we had experienced and was given a promise that our repairs would be immediately addressed and the items returned, going into the mail on March 5.  Well, it’s now April 24 and they still have not shipped the items!
Initially I though we were going to get the relief we wanted.  I got excited that FINALLY we would get the parts back and Lynn would be able to use his wheelchair on our summer vacation.  I was contacted by the sales department to send them pictures of the connecting cables to make sure they were wired properly.  I immediately responded and was promised the motors would be fixed and ready to go by the next week.  Then silence; weeks of silence. 
I have repeatedly sent them emails; most of which go unanswered.  I occasionally get a response back promising that it’s going in the mail by xxxx.  I’ve been told the parts were stolen when their warehouse was broken into.  The parts would not have been there to be stolen if they had sent them when they promised.  The last promise was that they would be shipped the Tuesday after Easter and the tracking numbers would be sent to us promptly. 
Still no tracking numbers.  No answers to my inquiries either about the status.
I am so disappointed in this company.  When I visit their webpage, the wheelchairs look like they do exactly what Lynn needs so that he can fish again.  His life is so limited in entertainment and fun.  I had so hoped that Radical Mobility would come through for us but once again, I’ve been seriously disappointed.  I was even going to rescind the negative blog if they had followed through…but they haven’t. 
The owner of this company appears to be a quadriplegic.  If he is, he KNOWs how important these type of devices are to those who have so few options to participate in the activities they enjoyed before…  Why would he allow his company to disappoint those who face the same challenges he does?  We paid him $15,000 to get that chair and it has never worked.  Makes me wonder what he uses the money for. Is this a scam or a legitimate business?  I’m just not sure anymore.
So once again, I warn my readers, if you are looking for an all-terrain wheelchair, do NOT buy from Radical Mobility.  They cannot be trusted to support their merchandise and their customer service, both in communication and in follow-through, is non-existent. Don’t believe what they put on their website; if you do, you’ll be severely disappointed as we have been. 
We still have our hopes that if they FINALLY ship the parts, they might get through customs and to us before the end of summer so he can go fishing but it’s now starting to look very doubtful. Say a prayer for us that they will live up to what they promised soon.

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  1. So u have magic carpet n northern Va. LOL….thinking that’s a man thing…..not just your hubby…..thought they all held the furniture down to the ground, Eddie keeps our couch from floating….on serious note, run the company off if they stay longer than 2 hrs…….& ENJOY the concert….”So Sorry Lynn Didn’t Mention To You All” “We Have Concert Tickets”……..luv u Sandra

    1. That’s what I ended up doing. He called them back and humbly admitted he had forgotten we were going away that day. I feel much better now. Thanks for the comment!

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