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This announcement was sent to me for possible inclusion on my blog.  If you’re interested in joining the WEGO Health community , it seems to have a lot of resources.
Announcing the 2012 Health Activist Awards!
We’re excited to announce the start of the WEGO Health Activist Awards Nominations!  This year, we’re extending the nomination period and we’ve added some exciting new award categories but we’re hoping you’ll take a moment to recognize all of the people who make a difference, offer support, and share information in your online health community
Not sure who to nominate?  Recognize your favorite blogger or tweeter, the person who always make you laugh, the community member who’s always there to offer support, or those who inspire you to do more – we’ve got an award for everyone!  If you can’t think of someone to nominate right this minute but want to be kept in the loop on the Health Activist Awards, join the WEGO Health network at – we’d love to have you as a member!
The WEGO Health Team

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