Something’s Different. Something’s Not Right. Listen to Me.

Caregivers need help finding answers

Something’s different.
Don’t you hear that? Don’t you see the difference?
It’s not the same.
Something’s wrong.
Something’s changed.
Trust me, I know. I can tell. It’s not right.
I don’t care that the lab work is normal.
I don’t care that he looks good to you.
I don’t care that you’re an expert in illness.
I am the expert on him.
In our world of daily living.
We are one. I know something’s wrong.
I know his every breath.
I know what every sound means
I know where every pimple, pink spot, dark bruise, or open tear appears.
I know his smells-good and bad.
I know his body temp-good and bad.
I know his moods-good and bad.
I know his changes-good and bad.
Just like an artisan working his craft
I am an artisan of healing in his life.
I know him.
I know what works and what doesn’t.
I know how best to apply healing.
You need my help.
I keep you from making mistakes.
I stop you from assumptions that harm.
I am your partner, Not your enemy.
Use ME.
Something’s different.  Something’s not right.
Listen.      To.        Me.
Something’s wrong.

5 thoughts on “Something’s Different. Something’s Not Right. Listen to Me.”

  1. Julianne Day-Evers

    Wow! This is so beautiful, so heartfelt & right on. Thank you for expressing what we caregivers know & feel but so often have difficulty putting into words.

  2. Fortunately my husband’s MS doctor does listen to us. Can’t say the same for the ER doctors and nurses .. I’m sure they roll their eyes at me. However .. I am not easily put off and will not let up until I am listened to, even if I have to have him transferred to the hospital across town where his MS doctor is. It’s a crazy life .. but it’s ours. My husband is full time wheelchair and is secondary progressive .. and I plan to keep him healthy and living right here at home for a long long time .. we’ve been doing this for over 35 years now, so I KNOW that I know when something is different or wrong.

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