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One of the hats I wear as the caregiver support for Lynn is to help him promote his book.  As I have mentioned before, when he no longer was able to work, he began to write. His first book, “Rising Tide,” was published a couple of years ago.  Those who are not in the publishing industry assume that the publisher promotes the book.  Not so these days as the only books that are advertised or extensively promoted are those from already known authors. Therefore, Lynn spends a great deal of his day contacting book clubs who might be interested in reading his book and offering them a free promotional copy.  He also writes a blog about writing and interacts with book sellers.
One of his contacts who writes a blog about authors is featuring him and his book this week.  Check it out!   This is a link,, to a feature article which includes a short interview with him as well as an except from the book, the official trailer, and a short bio about Lynn.  Due to the limitations he has from MS, Lynn is limited in marketing his book to the use of social media.  He is trying to start a grassroots movement to promote his book, “Rising Tide.”  I hope you will check out the article and pass it on to others who enjoy reading.

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  1. I’m also a writer who has published two books so I know how that goes. Both my books are self-published by iUniverse, and although the company offers a variety of marketing services, I’ve found it’s cheaper to do most of the leg work myself. I’ll post the information about Lynn’s books on my blog tomorrow and wish him the best of luck in his endeavors.
    In the meantime, I’m President of a group of writers with disabilities that might interest Lynn. Most of our members, like me, are visually impaired, but we welcome anyone with any kind of disability. Even if Lynn doesn’t join our group, we would love to have him attend one of our meetings and talk to us about his publishing experiences. Please have him e-mail me if he’s interested.

      1. All our meetings take place via phone conference so if he uses Skype, that wouldn’t be a problem, but it might be cheaper for him to use your home phone if you have unlimited long distance.

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