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One of the readers of my blog shared that she had heard of a diet to help people with MS.  She had a video of Terry Wahl talking about it. I was amazed as I watched the video that it was the exact diet that Lynn’s dietician has him on.  He started this diet the Monday after New Years and though there has not been dramatic improvement, he has actually been feeling better for the last couple of weeks so I’m very hopeful.
Here’s the diet for those of you who have not heard of it.
3 cups green leafy vegetables (kale, spinach, swiss chard, parsley, turnip greens, etc.)        
3 cups sulfur vegetables (brocoli, cauliflower, brussell sprouts, asparagus, leeks, mushrooms, garlic, onions, cabbage, etc.)
3 cups of bright vegetables or fruit
2 tsp of seaweed per week
grass-fed meats, wild caught fish, seafood, organ meats (grass-fed)
no diary (he uses coconut milk), no grains, no starches
The purpose of the diet is to support the growth of myelin and mitochondria both of which are necessary for nerve function.  Terry Wahl who was the speaker in the video says she went from a recliner and walking with two canes to riding horseback and bicycling in 1 year. 
Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this diet will make the difference.  It’s expensive but will certainly be worth it if it works!

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  1. I have a very special person in my life who has had PPMS for 15 years. He is now in a wheelchair. We believe diet is the key. He is vegan. So except for the protein sources you have listed we are all there. We have added Chia Seeds, ground hemp seeds and his Dr just added carnosine, we are waiting for that supplement to arrive. Being a vegan can be tricky for the protein sources but having quinoa and amaranth 2x a day, both complete proteins, has eased our worry. Also loads of almonds. Beans are a known trigger for
    him as is soy and gluten. I have developed so many powerhouse recipes using what is described above. We have noticed excellent improvement in transfers, and leg strength.
    Good luck!
    I agree with Patrick that the commitment to planning is huge. However, I have a fine dining cooking background and have thoroughly enjoyed developing and creating some inspiring and delicious dinners. Time is the key and I am happy to share the secrets to save you time.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Lise. I hope your special person continues to improve. I think diet can play a key role in how well they respond to all the other therapies they have to have as well.

  2. Donna,
    thanks for the info about the diet. John ,my husband who has MS for 17 years tried a low fat diet not eating meat, just chicken and fish. He did feel better for a while but unfornately it only lasted for a short while. One of the problems with MS is that it is so erractic that you do not know if what you are doing that is helping or that the change would have happened anyway. Diets are very important and putting into your body a healthy diet is just as important as your attitude. I too have started a caregiving blog which covers our day to day experiences like yours. Thanks and have a great day.

  3. Back in the old days we tried the Swank Diet for MS. At one time it was ‘the treatment’ for MS when dinosaurs roamed outside. I honestly cannot say if it would have worked or not. Problem with diets in our story is they meant I was head chef, planner, shopper and meal server for the entire family. There is only sooo long you can serve allegedly MS healthy vs appealing without a mutiny. 🙂 When neighbors, family, and friends started bring Patti and our daughter tasty requested food well – it defeats the purpose and left me looking like some food nazi. 🙂

  4. I just saw this video last week and have added a lot of these things – not completely but certainly start adding and changing my diet. good luck to you both, praying for you.

  5. Thanks for the shout out and If nothing else we won’t be dying of heart disease anytime soon! I started this diet (minus the organ meat) in early December and I’ve lost 16 lbs! Grainless or brainless…that’s my motto!

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