Our Story

We Meet and Become One

Donna Steigleder, Owner, Becoming a Family Caregiver

Donna Steigleder

Author, Becoming a Family Caregiver

Donna and Lynn on their wedding day

Donna and Lynn Steigleder

Married October 11, 1997
Three biological children; 1 adopted adult child

Lynn Steigleder

Lynn Steigleder

Donna’s Husband,
Author, Sci/fi/Fan books

Our Story Through Pictures of Our Family

Donna’s Parents

My Mom and Dad

My Mom and Dad

The Day We Married

Our family on our wedding day, Oct. 11, 1997.

Our Wedding Day Oct.1997; My two children (Daniel & Sarah) in front of me and Lynn’s (Eric) son in front of him

Lynn’s Parents

Evelyn and Albert Steigleder

Evelyn and Albert Steigleder

You might find it interesting to know that we have nine grandchildren.  Two are not shown here because they are currently waiting for their adoption to finalize. Of our nine grandchildren, seven have medical conditions requiring special consideration.  In addition, six of our eight children have medical conditions that significantly impact their lives. Furthermore, I have developed arthritis, fibromyalgia, abdominal and head migraines, and irritable bowel syndrome that impacts my ability to function.  impact my ability to function.