Skin Care

Why is Skin and skin care so Important?

What Good is Skin?

Skin performs many essentials functions for our body. It serves as the first line of defense against harmful attacks coming from our environment and replaces the skin cells damaged in those attacks.  Good skincare helps keep it healthy so that it can keep objects out of the body, keep fluids in the body, and protect us from the sun’s radiation.


Skin Oils Trap Germs

The oily coating the skin produces traps germs to keep them from infecting us, and the sweat glands in the skin help regulate our body temperature. The nerves in the skin give us the sensation of hot, cold, pressure, contact, and pain. The skin also is a significant source of vitamin D.

Broken Skin Lets Germs Come In

If we fail to protect the skin allowing it to break open, germs, and other harmful things can get beyond the protective barrier it provides. Those germs can cause infections and, ultimately, illness, and even death. Providing good skincare to ourselves helps keep sore and injured skin repaired and healthy to fight germs and restore its protections. 

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