Emergency Responses Techniques

Videos Demonstrating Emergency Response Techniques for your Review

     The following videos provide visual demonstrations of emergency response techniques. By reviewing them, you can see and hear how to correctly perform rescue breathing, chest compressions, and the Heimlich Maneuver. I obtained the videos from PROTrainings’ collection of YouTube presentations related to emergency responses. They conduct a wide variety of emergency response training for healthcare agencies and other first responders.

Watching the videos does not substitute for taking a first responder class.  Hands-on training is essential to perform the steps necessary for a successful rescue attempt correctly. I strongly encourage you to seek out a first responder course from your local Amerian Heart Association or American Red Cross agency. 

You can also find information on Emergency Airway Management Here.

Emergency Airway Response using an ambu bag


Rescue Breathing

Adult Rescue Breathing

Child Rescue Breathing

Infant Rescue Breathing

Agonal Respirations (Not Breathing Normally)


Adult CPR

Child CPR

Infant CPR

Neonatal CPR

Hands-Only CPR

Doing CPR with Spinal Injury Jaw Thrust

Using an AED (Defibrillator)

Adult AED

Child AED

Infant AED


Conscious Adult Choking

Unconscious Adult Choking

Conscious Child Choking

Unconscious Child Choking

Conscious Infant Choking

Unconscious Infant Choking

Other Emergency Situations


Heart Attacks


Arterial Bleeding

How to Check Pupil Reflexes Responses

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