I Can’t Just Get Sick

I had a scare this week thinking that I was about to experience the joy of food poisoning. As I was giving Lynn his bath, I started feeling really nauseous. Then my stomach starting burning and feeling crampy and I started sweating—all the tell-tale signs of food poisoning when you’ve recently spent hours sampling leftover food as you clean up from the day’s festivities. As it turned out, it did not develop into the dreaded torture of food poisoning and probably was a reaction to eating too many rich food products the same day on top of eating them several days previously. However, the experience brings into focus that as a caregiver, I can’t just get sick. As I’m preparing to be sick, I have to prepare Lynn for me to be sick. Let me tell you; that just does not seem fair….
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2 thoughts on “I Can’t Just Get Sick”

  1. Dear Donna:
    I understand as my husband cannot do many things since his spine surgery and has fine motor issues due to his C.P.For me to be sick or out with a Migraine is impossible as I still have to get up and take care of the things that need done! I have been away for more than a few hours one weekend in over a year.I am Stephen’s support at this time as Stephen’s father is dying of Cancer.Stephen has been in hospital and rehab about 6 months in three and a half years.Two spine surgeries.Unable to hardly walk for the full 3 1/2 years. He has many issues with his health and his last surgery went well and we saw no complications.On top of this if you still have kids under 18 at home you have to be there for them as well.It can complicate things when they have learning challanges, A.D.D.Cognitive Delays, and Depression issues and attitudes and behavior issues.When you have five kids with challanges things become harder. On top of all the issues with my husband.One can not think of being sick.There is no time to be sick! So much needs done and very little help from my kids.

    1. Sounds like you’re in the same boat. I never thought that it would be a luxury to be able to rest when I was sick but now, resting is a dream, an impossibility, and something to be coveted when available for even a short time.

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