Going to the Movies

I have always enjoyed a good movie. It’s one of the things I miss about not being able to get out and go places now.  However, you don’t have to go out to see a movie any more; you can now do it in the comfort on your own home and with the benefit of a “pause” button. 
What would we do without “pause”?  We rented from “the big red box” a movie called, “We Bought a Zoo.”  Fantastic movie!  I highly recommend it.  So after I gave Lynn his shower, got him dressed, took my own shower (which I find necessary every time I give him one), got him settled with his peddler, and gave him his afternoon meds, I put the DVD in to watch. 
About 10 minutes into the movie, I paused to cath him and fix him some tea.  About 20 minutes later, his foot was hitting his wheelchair so I had to fix that (didn’t pause that time), ten minutes after that, he needed nose spray.  I settled back on the bed for about thirty minutes and it’s “pause time” again for another cath.  Clean everything up and back to the movie.  A few minutes later, he needs his arm scratched.  Ten-fifteen minutes later, his foot hurts and his socks need to be pulled up.  (This one takes a pause.)  Got him settled, restarted the movie, and he needed nose spray again (he has chronic sinusitis).  Then another cath (yes that’s three in the space of what should have been a two-hour or so movie.  Ah, yes more tea is needed too. 
I lost count of how many times I was interrupted during the movie.  Seems like at least every 10-15 minutes.  I used to think the kids were tough to watch a movie with.  I think Lynn wins the contest as to who needs more attention.  It’s not always like this but it often is at night.  Late evenings are always bad and this past week has been significantly so.  He just started Rebif so he’s having to get used to that.  His dietician started him on some new supplements that help with removing bad stuff and rebuilding good stuff.  The pollen is heavy which always takes a major toll on his energy level.  So it’s been a hard week for him and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.
But with all the pauses and the interruptions, we managed to go to the movies and we both really enjoyed it.  Certainly isn’t something we could do at a theater (can you image how irritated our “seat mates” would have been if I had gotten up to help comfort Lynn that often?)  But we adapt to our limitations and we find ways to have fun and get entertained.  Our Friday night date was different but enjoyable for us both.  Hey, and if you haven’t seen that movie yet, it’s a really good “feel good” movie.  I recommend it!

6 thoughts on “Going to the Movies”

  1. Donna, it doesn’t really matter how many times you had to hit pause, as long as in the end you can sit back and say “hey, that was a good night.”

  2. In our story, MS short term memory loss makes ‘pause’ an unnecessary function except for my benefit. Well told slice of life.
    Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

  3. We ordered pizza which we don’t do often and rented War Horse. It was between We bought a Zoo and War Horse. What a great movie, we both loved it. Donna, why doesn’t Lyn have a indwelling cath or am I forgetting and he did have that for awhile? Tom is having issues too, I think it is the early Spring. He seems to be cough a lot when he talks. It always makes me nevous. It’s like you are always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Glad you enjoyed the movie, rent War Horse and have a great Easter. How’s the parents-to-be doing?
    Your Friend in Cyber Space

    1. I thought War Horse looked like it might be good, too. I’ll keep that in mind. Regarding indwelling catheters…while they are convenient, they are also very dangerous for the person who has them. I’m biased against them unless I have to use them while I’m away. There are several issues with them. One is that since he peddles constantly, the friction of the tubing on the opening of the meatus causes trauma, sometimes bleeding, which can then bring on an issue of healing. The other issue is that the tubing creates a pathway directly into his body so that bacteria can travel up the tube to the bladder and into the kidney. Bladder infections are very common with indewelling catheters and can lead to eventual kidney failure if not monitored and treated well. (that’s my nursing background talking…probably more information than you ever wanted to know)

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