Mania is a period of intense emotion, with changes in sleep patterns, activity levels, and uncharacteristic behaviors that the person in the manic state does not comprehend are out-of-character or having negative consequences. The following behaviors describe typical manic mood episodes:

  • Feeling elated, “up,” “high,” or irritable, touchy, “jumpy,” and “wired.”
  • Feel they don’t need to stop what they’re doing to eat or sleep.
  • Talk very fast about a lot of different things in the same conversation (pressured speech).
  • Feel like their thoughts are racing around in their head.
  • Think they can do a lot of things at once and start multiple projects which go unfinished before starting something else.
  • Do risky things that show poor judgment, such as eat and drink excessively, spend or give away a lot of money, or have reckless sex.
  • Feel like they are usually talented, important, or powerful.
  • Feel more creative than usual.