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Caregiver supporting family member who has mental health challenges related to memory loss and depression.

Caregiving Emotions

Caregivers experience many different types of emotions as they care for their family members. Some feel the joy of caring for the one they love and providing a safe, loving place for them to recover. Others resent being a caregiver because the one receiving the care was abusive to them previously. Guilt, loss, fear, anxiety, depression, and so many more emotions become daily companions. Discover how others cope with the rollercoaster of emotions that threatens to trample you.

An increase in agitation is sometimes seen with sundowning.

How to Handle Difficult Situations

Do you ever wish you had a script to follow that told you what to say or do in a difficult situation? While I can’t offer you that much detail, I can give you some suggestions on how to handle a variety of challenging confrontations. For instance, do you go along with a delusion or try to make them face reality? Find out the answer to this and more in the pages related to Difficult Situations.

Adapting to caregiving may mean changing your living room into a bedroom to accommodate a hospital bed and learning to rearrange your life to adapt to an entirely new lifestyle.
Caregiving comes with all types of emotions from joy to sorrow to appreciation and resentment. Dealing with them takes a lot of skill and understanding on everyone’s part.

Life’s Internship

 Faith Brings Comfort

   Going through the grief process is difficult and hurts. Furthermore, giving up dreams is depressing. Therefore, when I experienced the emotional pain of grief and loss related to caring, I sought comfort in my faith.

Light Guides My Path

     As a Christian, I believe that God, not man, is in control of this world. He rarely removes the difficulties in my life, but He’s always there to walk with me through them, showing me the path to take helping me to find my way.  It’s like being in a dark room with no light.

     Before I knew Jesus, I could crawl across the room, bumping into things breaking a few along the way until I found my way out.  After becoming a follower of Jesus, He became my Light. Now, I ask for His help, and He turns His Light on for me.  Using that light, I walk through the room without breaking things because I know which path is best for me to follow. 

Internship Training Program

    I’ve also found that the struggles I experienced earlier in my life were God’s way of preparing me for what was to come.  Just like an athlete must train before he is physically fit, God knows we need to learn skills before facing certain challenges.  Therefore, He prepares us through experiences for what we face in the future. 

     I know that the struggles I endured during my life provided me with the skills, self-confidence, and experience I needed for today’s challenges. Without them, my suffering would be greater. So I guess life is one great internship program.