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Why Provide a Section Called Caregiver Marketplace?

      Providing care to someone involves more than just performing a task; it also includes figuring out how to make them comfortable and how to manage financial and personal energy resources in the process. Initially, I looked for caregiver products on websites dedicated to those with disabilities. Disability websites provided great ideas, and a wealth of information about products I never knew was available, but the merchandise was also costly and not covered by insurance.  Once I saw what I could have, I wanted it even though we could not afford it.  Therefore, I had no choice but to let my imagination and creativity take over.

     I studied the items I liked carefully. Then, I started looking for similarities in clothes, materials, equipment; you name it. I isolated the function I needed and focused on finding other products that I might adapt to produce the same outcome. Often I could make slight adjustments to create a useful disability-friendly device for less money than the “disability” version.

     I decided if I needed to find less expensive solutions to caregiver products, then others did as well. Therefore, I created this page. Below are examples of products available from Amazon or other vendors without the mark-up often associated with the “disabled” label.  I’ve added my explanation regarding the use of the product related to providing care or how to adapt it accordingly. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.