Mike getting into position to baptize Lynn

Baptizing Someone Immobile

Baptizing Someone Immobile At Home What’s the Process to Baptism Someone Immobile at Home? Last year, my husband asked me to help him arrange a baptism ceremony at our home.  Though baptized as a child, he wanted to supplement his childhood understanding with a reaffirmation of adult faith. Lynn has Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS).  As his condition progressed rapidly in 2006 from the ability to walk to relying on a wheelchair, the reliance on his faith grew. While adjusting to his diagnosis, his relationship with Christ and God provided a daily dose of strength and peace to his soul.

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Now That You’re out of Quarantine, Don’t forget those Left behind

Now That You’re Out of Quarantine, Don’t Forget Thos Left Behind Quarantine is Over Daily, the news carries reports of another state entering Phase One of returning to normal following the massive shut-down of the country to protect the vulnerable population from the Coronavirus. At this point, I think most, if not all, states have reopened markets that are not high-risk. People are emerging from their homes to explore the outside world once again. Many are shouting, “Freedom at last, freedom, at last, Thank God Almighty, Quarantine has Passed!” However, not everyone can shout that praise. Immunocompromised Ill Left Behind

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A Lifetime of Family Caregiving

Caregivers never take a break because though they may not be physically present, mentally, they do not let go of their responsibilities. Relaxation is extremely difficult for a lifetime family caregiver because being “on” and ready to respond in an instant is a part of their innermost being. They do not have an off switch.

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