All He Can Do Is Yell

I’ve never been comfortable with strong expressions of anger. I’m the sort of person that prefers to compromise and resolve things peacefully so one of the more difficult challenges I have faced is how to handle Lynn’s frustrations expressed through anger.
Today as I was working at my desk, I heard over the baby monitor I use to make sure that I hear him if he needs anything, the increasing volume of Lynn’s voice as he was trying to get his voice recognition software to work properly. As I sat there, I could hear him first repeat the same command three times, each time a little differently.  Then he started adding in a few expletives and some not very flattering descriptions of the software program. Finally, the volume and expletives became so intense, I could no longer listen to it for fear that he was about to take his headphones off and through them across the room.
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2 thoughts on “All He Can Do Is Yell”

  1. unfortunately I don’t know anything about the software either. but things have gotten better. We now have someone who comes in and types for him twice a week so that has really helped him cope with those frustrations. It seems that the issue with the software is in it understanding Lynn’s speech, especially when he’s tired and he slurs.

  2. Hi Donna, I know you have work of your own to do, but have you tried helping him work out the problem with his software? I’ve done this with Bill, and it was very effective. Of course he didn’t get angry like Lynn. He would be mad about something for about ten minutes, and then he would be all smiles again. It’s too bad Lynn isn’t that way. Everybody’s anger is different, but I thought I’d put out this suggestion for what it’s worth.

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